Post-it notes

Post-it notes

Jul 24
Post-it notes

Last weekend some very dear friends came for a visit.  I love it when they’re here because it’s a constant love-fest.  We adore each other and we adore God together.  The time I get to spend with them is a glimpse into what I think Heaven will be like.

After they left, we discovered that they had left notes all over our home.  My favorite is the post-it on the mirror in my bathroom.  It reads, “We already miss you!”  I haven’t taken it down — it’s still there, a constant reminder of being loved and missed.

Last night as I was looking at the note again, something amazing occurred to me…  God has done the exact same thing!

God has left us little “post-it notes” all over His creation.  Constant reminders of His love for us.  Of His longing to be reunited with us.  Of how much He misses the relationship we used to have together before The Fall.  Everywhere we look there is a beautiful reminder of how much we are loved and missed.

Notes written in God’s own hand are everywhere around us.  Every one of them says, “I love you and I miss you.”


  1. Curtis

    Love this! In fact, I just had an awesome post-it note moment from God today! After I realized it, my perspective became as clear as the sky was today! Praise God!

    • That’s awesome, Curtis. I’m a firm believer that God’s messages are always there if we will just take the time to read them.

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