The Three Huts

The Three Huts

Jan 29
The Three Huts

Not so very long ago, a man was rescued from an island where he had been stranded for over a year.  As the rescue boat pulled away from shore, one the rescuers asked the man about the three huts on the beach.

The man pointed to the hut on the left and said, “That’s been my home all this time.  That is where I live, where I eat, and where I keep my belongings.  It has been a shelter from the weather and I will miss it.”

The man then pointed to the hut in the middle and said, “That is where I go to church.  I wanted a special to place to worship God and to pray for rescue.  Here you are, an answer to my prayers.  I will miss my church.”

When it seemed that the man would not continue, the rescuer prodded, “What about the last hut?”

“Oh that,” the man responded.  “That’s where I used to go to church.  I can stand those people — they’re all going to Hell!”

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