Give Us This Day: The Blessings

Give Us This Day: The Blessings

Feb 03
Give Us This Day: The Blessings

I am absolutely in awe of what God has done so far in my fast.  I say “so far” because based on what I have experienced I can’t for a minute believe that He is finished.

This year I chose to fast from personal purchases.  I chose this because I wanted to really experience the ways in which God provides for me.  I wanted to be totally dependent on His provision, to see His care, to receive His gifts for me.  It’s far too easy to buy things for ourselves, to give to ourselves the things that we want.

I committed to a 40 day fast.  For 40 days I would do everything in my power to keep from making any purchases from which I benefitted.  I started my fast on January 5th.  Today is February 3rd.  My fast ends on Valentine’s Day.  I have already planned to end my fast by buying something a dessert for my wife and I, a symbol of how sweet life is with God.

Shortly into my fast, I had the opportunity to buy Girl Scout cookies.  I always buy Girl Scout cookies.  I decided that it wouldn’t break my fast to buy them as long as I didn’t keep them for myself.  But rather than tempt myself, I decided not to buy cookies.

The very next morning at work my boss brought in sugar cookies!

Not long afterwards I had been craving something sweet for breakfast.  That morning there was a bag of little chocolate donuts on the counter at home – leftovers from our Lifegroup the night before, when we had breakfast for dinner.  My boss, whom I had told about my fast, saw the bag of donuts and asked if my fast was over.  I told him, “No.  I found these on the counter this morning.”  He asked how many there were.

There were 6 donuts!  The same number as come in the little package that I would have bought from the convenience store!

Then my battery light came on in my car.  I ran some tests using a multi-tester and concluded that my alternator (the device that keeps the battery charged) was going bad.  I posted on Facebook about it, asking if anyone could recommend a repair shop.  Much to my dismay, three of my brothers in Christ offered to help install the new alternator for me.  Before I could make arrangements to get the repairs made, my car died.  It died in my garage at home.  I had driven home for lunch and the car wouldn’t start when it came time to go back.

I was “stranded” at home and took the afternoon off work!

For the following week, I carpooled with my wife.  It was a great week.  I enjoyed it so much that I thought about just getting rid of my car.  One day before picking me up from work, Kim went and bought a new alternator for my car.  This would have been the first purchase I made during my fast, but Kim bought it for me without my prompting or asking.  The Friday of our carpool week, Kim needed to work late and couldn’t pick me up from work.  She posted to Facebook, asking if someone could pick me up and take me home.  Joyce, a classy lady in our Lifegroup whom I absolutely adore, offered to come get me.

When she dropped me off at home, she also had a 2 liter of Coca Cola for me!  What a dear!!

The next day, we had plans to take my car over to Troy’s home.  Troy is a member of our Lifegroup whom I respect and admire tremendously.  He had already come over earlier in the week to test the battery and charge it.  He knows way more about automobiles than I can ever imagine.  He also concluded that it was the alternator.  From my house it’s about a 15 to 20 minute drive to Troy’s.  I had to make it before the battery gave out completely because the car will stop wherever the battery dies.  From the moment I started the car, I didn’t stop praying until I arrived at Troy’s.  I made it in 12 minutes!  I only had to briefly stop at one traffic light.  It was as if God was in control of the traffic, the lights, and the life of my battery.

Troy texted me about an hour later!  My car was repaired and ready to go!

Then about a week ago my computer started to behave oddly.  All of a sudden it began to shut itself off while I would be in the middle of something.  I made multiple attempts at trying to diagnose the problem and finally concluded that it was either a problem with the power supply or with the graphics card overheating.  Last night I decided to open the side panel on the case and see if I could see the problem.  It was looking right at me – the main fan that cools the CPU had completely stopped working.  I took the fan out and tried my best to repair it, but no luck.

Of all the pieces to replace, a fan is one of the cheapest!

I decided that I needed to wait until my fast was over before purchasing a replacement because the computer is something important to me.  However, I felt like it would be okay to research a replacement and have it ready to buy.  Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding the exact replacement.  Finally, I decided to look for the original purchase I made in hopes that would give me a clue.  I learned that it is no longer available.  While I was looking over the specs for it, I was reminded of something important I had forgotten.  The original package included TWO fans, but I was only able to use one of them.

The replacement fan that I needed was sitting on a shelf at home!

When I went home for lunch, I walked straight to the fan which had never been used.  Within 5 minutes I had the new fan in.  My computer was repaired.  God had provided yet again!

Oh.  One last thing.  My wife and I counted up the food money that we had left over at the end of the month.  We never have food money left over.  It’s always gone.  We give credit to God and His provision for the $150 that we had left over in our food budget at the end of January.  Money that I normally would have spent on fast food and coffee.

I have not once gone hungry.  I have not once gone without coffee.  God has provided for me rather than me providing for me.

I wrote this in hopes that you could share in my joy and that you could see the ways in which God abundantly provides for us.  He does so in His time, which is always perfect.  Not only does He give us what we need, but He knows the very desires of our heart and He gives that to.  When we let Him.  When we wait for Him.  When we stop being our own god, meeting our own needs.

Holy God, I am overwhelmed by Your generosity and Your goodness.  You have provided for me in ways that I never could have anticipated.  You haven’t just barely met my needs – You have blown me away!  Seal my lips, Father, so that I never use the word “awesome” again to describe anything but You.  Save all of my awe for You.  Thank You, my God, for sharing these moments with me and reminding me of who You are.  Please bless others through this story and show them how amazing it is to wait on You!  Amen.


  1. Carolyn S.

    What a great testimony! God is the great provider! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Carolyn. I believe with all my heart that God meets our every need. We just don’t always allow Him the opportunity.

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