An election prediction

An election prediction

Nov 07
An election prediction

A lot has been said going about the upcoming Presidential election on November 8th.  A lot has been said about what will happen if this candidate or that candidate gets elected.  I thought I’d take a few moments to make some predictions about what will happen after the election.

First, the candidate I voted for will not win.  I know this and I’m perfectly comfortable with it.  I won’t feel like I’ve thrown my vote away or ensured that the “wrong” candidate won.

The winners will declare that this is some of kind of momentous occasion and that real change can finally begin.  The losers will immediately begin preparing to thwart every move made by the winners.

I’ll go to bed with the same woman I’ve been going to bed with for nearly 20 years.  We’ll still be very much in love.

The sun will rise the next morning.  We will wake up and go to the same jobs.

I will drink my coffee and read the news.  I’ll learn that nobody moved to Canada or the UK or wherever it is they threatened to go should their candidate have lost the election.  There will likely still be some drama and a LOT of hyperbole, but we’ve had plenty of that before the election so nothing will be different there either.

On social media, I’ll read posts involving either gloating or whining, depending on who the person writing the post wanted to win.  There will be ridiculous memes, including some declaring that the United States committed suicide on November 8th, 2016 – similar to the ones I saw after the first election in which I ever had the privilege to vote.

Four years later, most of the promises the President made during the campaign will fail to have come to pass.  People will be disappointed and will mostly blame the opposition party for being uncooperative.

In other words, not much will be different regardless of who wins.

The reason is pretty simple.  America isn’t the President.  America is the people.  And we will still be who we are.

Ever noticed that many people who win the lottery go back to the same state they were in before they won?  Winning the lottery gave them money, but it didn’t change who they are and how they spend.

Similarly, electing a new President doesn’t change America because it doesn’t change us.  No matter who gets elected, I’ll still be me and I’ll still hold the same views and opinions.  The same is true for you and likely everyone else in the country.  You and I are what make this country what it is, and we will still be exactly the same.  Whoever lives in the White House doesn’t change you or I.

At the end of the day, I suspect that what we see in Washington is truly a mirror of us as a people.  The bickering, the refusal to compromise, the insistence on getting exactly what we want, the focus on specific interests, trying to get raises and better benefits – all of it are things that we do ourselves.

Truthfully, nothing is going to change because we don’t want to change.  We want other people to change.  Those people should change, but we aren’t going to change.  As long as we view elections as a way to force our views and opinions on others, nothing will ever truly change.  Most, if not all, of the great changes that have happened in this nation have occurred because of a change in its people, not because of who was elected.

I’ll continue to be who I am.  I’ll continue to do what I believe is best.  You will continue to be who you are and you’ll keep doing what you believe is best.

The new President isn’t going to change any of us.  If the President can’t change us, then the President can’t really change the nation.  For those whose candidate loses, this is good news.  For those whose candidate wins, this is bad news.

To sum up, I have good news and bad news about the election.  If your candidate wins, you can celebrate being on the winning team – but know that very little of what you hope will come to pass.  If your candidate loses, rest in the fact that little of what you fear will actually come to pass.

For myself, I choose to be happy regardless of who is elected.  I choose to be the best me I can be.  Since it is “We,the People” who make this country what it is, I’ll be doing my part to make it better.  I humbly ask that you do the same, even if we have different ideas on what “better” might mean.


  1. Rick Guyer

    Well said, Chris. Well said.

  2. Joyce/aka Mom

    So much wisdom. Well stated and a reminder to stay true to yourself and loving and kind to all we are blessed to touch in our everyday life.

  3. Sarah

    This gives me a lot of hope. Ugh! I am so naive as to not know this ahead of time. I hear that the final 2 candidates is a sign of who our country has become, but it never occurred to me that the fact we vote for such people is only the final step in the change, but that the majority of the change has already taken place. Now that the candidate will soon be in office, the changes we are demanding are what we fool ourselves into thinking we want. We really don’t want those changes because those changes come at a huge sacrifice. If we wanted those changes to begin with, we would not have to demand for them. They would naturally be in place.

    When we have to demand a change, it is already too late.

    Small examples:

    Schools that post signs: We can be drug free
    A sign posted above a water fountain: not a toy

    The list goes on and on…

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