Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Apr 18
Easter Eggs

Picture an Easter Egg, all pretty and painted on the outside.  Now imagine cracking it open, only to discover that it was vile and rotten on the inside.

That was sin, in the beginning.  It was contained, walled up and enclosed.  But our ancient enemy painted a pretty picture of it, making it look and sound enticing.  So we cracked it open and tried it out, only to discover that what was inside the shell wasn’t nearly as pretty and wonderful as the outside made us believe.

And just like an egg, we couldn’t seal it back up again.  We couldn’t put the contents back in and restore the shell around it.  We were contaminated.  Tainted.  Rotten.

That was the point of the death of Jesus.  He became our taint.  He absorbed all of it.  When He was placed in the tomb, He put sin back inside the egg.  It was contained again.

But this time, when the egg was cracked open again, when the door was rolled away, there was nothing inside.  The taint was gone.  There was nothing left.  This is the magic of the empty tomb, the majesty of the Resurrection.

Belief in the Resurrection of Jesus isn’t just about a man coming back from the dead.  It isn’t just a “hope for eternal life.”  It was proof that God could perform the opposite of Pandora’s Box.  He took all the evil we had unleashed upon the world, put it back inside its container, and then set Hope free.

The Easter Egg symbolizes the shell that once contained sin.  The shell that we broke as we welcomed evil into ourselves.

The Easter Egg is the tomb in which Jesus was laid, placing our evil back inside the shell and sealing it away from the world.

The Easter Egg is the empty tomb that Jesus left behind.  Evil could not contain him.  The taint is gone.  He has restored us back to where we were in the Beginning.

If Jesus had not died, evil wouldn’t have been put back inside the egg.

If Jesus had not come back from death, not only would He have remained imprisoned with evil, there would have the possibility of us cracking the egg open again.  He cracked it open Himself, revealing that evil has been defeated.

Resurrection isn’t just about coming back from death.  It isn’t CPR or a near death experience.  It is something new.

My sister’s home burned over Easter weekend.  Even if they rebuild the home on the exact same location, it won’t be the same house.  They can’t unburn it.  It will be something new.  Something that was never there before.

It might look the same, but it won’t smell like smoke.  It won’t be tainted by the destruction of the old one.

That is the meaning of Easter.  The significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

He offers the same thing to you.  Rather than a refurbished version of the old you, He offers an entirely new one.  It might look like the old one, but it won’t smell like smoke.


  1. Joyce

    I loved this analogy. What a gift given you to express God’s love and hope for us in our brokenness. 🕇

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