Dr. Taylor

I’ve been teaching Bible studies and classes for many years.  In that time, God has continued to grow me and shape me.  He has never let me get comfortable.  He has never let me feel like I’ve got life, or Him, “all figured out.”  I couldn’t be more grateful.

During this time, God has brought many people into studies with me.  Some call themselves my children in the faith and others have gone on the be leaders and teachers elsewhere.  Many have asked that I record the lessons, however I have been unable to bring myself to do so.

Instead, I dedicate this site to my students, both past and present, and to all who are seeking God and who long to grow in Him.  My prayer is that God will use this site to bless all who visit and to challenge each reader to grow in Him.  I hope with all my heart that this website glorifies my King and not myself.

All my life I’ve seen myself as a knight.  I live for my King.

“You are my King and my God” ~Psalm 44:4